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Shields Class Foundation
Shields Class Foundation

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Core to its mission to introduce Shields sailing to a wider group of sailors, the Shields Class Foundation (a 501(c)(3) organization) is looking to provide Shields boats, sails, equipment and trailers to your racing program. If you are a sailor in need of a boat in an active local fleet or want to start a new fleet, complete the form below and tell us about your situation. Someone from our board will contact you to evaluate your situation and to see how the Foundation can help you get racing Shields.

The active Shields fleets can be contacted via information on the Class website. Active Shields fleets include Larchmont, New York; Greenwich, Connecticut; Chicago, Illinois; Monterey, California; Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts; Newport, Rhode Island; Marion, Massachusetts; Holland, Michigan; Mystic, Connecticut; and Oxford, Maryland.

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